AirlinesEmirates increases flights to Cape town, to fly delegates to Energy Week

Emirates increases flights to Cape town, to fly delegates to Energy Week

Emirates has announced that it will resume its flights to South Africa after several months of inactivity due to travel restrictions.

The move comes in accordance with the UAE’s easing of travel regarding 12 countries and is expected to accelerate travel and tourism for South Africa.

In a statement over the weekend, Emirates said in addition to flight resumption, Emirates has announced that the airline will increase flights to South Africa from daily to 11 weekly services.

The airline will also increase interconnection to both Durban and Cape Town.

By reopening services to South Africa, and offering discounted fares for those coming to African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 in Cape Town in November, the airline is reaffirming that events can take place in Africa in 2021.

“The fact that a Dubai-based airline is supporting AEW 2021 in Cape Town only further emphasizes that abandoning the continent for conference venues in Dubai is not the solution,” Emirates said.

With the resumption of fights and discounted offers for AEW 2021 delegates, Emirates is demonstrating a commitment to Africa.

Emirates will comprise the premier mode of transport for AEW 2021, bringing delegates from all over the world to Africa’s premier energy event on the 9th-12th of November in Cape Town.

“We are excited to boost our services in South Africa, and have already increased flights to Johannesburg from daily to 11 weekly fights, including four linked flights with Durban, as well as Cape Town with three weekly services,” Emirates said on their LinkedIn page.

The service resumption to Africa and discounted offers speak to the caliber of AEW 2021 as Africa’s premier energy event.

The event has already seen a significant number of written confirmations being made by top African Ministers, private and public sector executives, and both national and international oil companies worldwide.

“Emirates resuming their flights will be critical for Africa’s tourism and business industries and will significantly contribute to a COVID-19 recovery,” Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber NJ Ayuk said.

“The airline will be a major contributor to the success of African Energy Week in Cape Town. Africa will host this deal making event and we will sign a lot of deals in 2021 and Emirates is emphasizing this. We will remain committed to the energy sector, and are excited to host

  • delegates from all over the world, all thanks to Emirates.”
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