General Aviation28 killed in a plane crash-Russia

28 killed in a plane crash-Russia

A plane crashed in Russia’s far Eastern region of Kamchatka killing 28 people with no survivors on Tuesday.

It was a Soviet-era An-26 plane and had been in operation since 1982. Poor weather and low visibility could have caused the crash according to witnesses cited by different media.

According to Vladimir Solodov, Governor of the region, the plane appeared to have been going around, making a second attempt to land at Palana Airport on crashing. He said the fuselage and debris were found on the shore and in the sea.

Interfax cited a source saying that the plane collided with a rocky cliff as it approached. Izvestia newspaper published a photograph of the crash site high on the cliff, showing a burned patch of vegetation above a rocky cliff.

The plane was flying from the regional city of Petropavlovsk. Contact was lost with the plane about 10 minutes before it was due to land.

A second part of the plane was discovered in the sea, more than two miles from the shore, according to sources in the Pacific Fleet cited by Interfax.

It cited another source stating that the bad weather conditions and poor visibility were seen as the most likely cause of the crash.

However, Russia’s Investigative Committee wasn’t certain of what caused the crash, they said that the crash was likely caused by bad weather, pilot error or a technical failure with the plane.

Solodov told Interfax that, the crew of the aircraft was experienced and that it is too early to build scenarios.

The cliff where the plane crashed was not on the plane’s flight path and strong cross wind may have caused the disaster according to Sergey Gorb, Deputy Director of the Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise as reported by Izvestia newspaper.

In 2012, a crash occurred in the same spot which killed 10 people. After investigations of what caused the crash, alcohol was found in the blood of both pilots.

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