Military Airbus begins integrated support for Egypt’s CASA C-295s

Airbus begins integrated support for Egypt’s CASA C-295s

Airbus Defence and Space has commenced a  contract to provide performance-based support for the Egyptian Air Force CASA C-295 turboprop aircraft fleet.

The first CASA C-295 aircraft out of Egypt’s twenty-four recently underwent a comprehensive refit in Airbus Defence and Space facilities in San Pablo Airport, located in Seville, Spain. The refit will last for six-to-eight months according to the Egyptian Ministry of Defense (MoD).

In the contract, signed in mid-April, Airbus Defence and Space will help Egypt maximize the CASA C-295 fleet availability, and ensure their mission readiness while saving maintenance costs.

Airbus will also provide logistics, material services, on-site technical support as well as on-wing maintenance.

According to a media briefing by the MoD, Egypt will now enjoy the benefits of integrated and performance-based services which will ensure that all elements of support for the CASA C-295 are in a place where and when required, to optimize fleet availability and mission readiness.

The turboprop CASA C-295 is a medium tactical transport aircraft designed by the Spanish company CASA as a development of the CASA-Nurtanio CN-235.

The Egyptian Air Force which is currently the largest CASA C-295 fleet operator worldwide received its first C-295 in September 2011. Three transport aircraft were first ordered, with a follow-on order for six more signed in 2013, and a further eight were ordered in July 2014, with the rest arriving later on.

The type can be configured to carry out a variety of missions including tactical and logistical transport, parachute and cargo drop, medical evacuation, and maritime patrol.

In its transport configuration, the CASA C-235 can airlift 73 troops or 48 para troops. While for medical evacuation mission the aircraft can carry 12 intensive care stretchers, or 27 stretcher medevac with 4 medical attendants

The CASA C-235 has significantly enjoyed successful export sales in Africa, having been delivered to Algeria, Angola, Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Mali.

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