General AviationAntonov AN-124 Overshoot The Runway

Antonov AN-124 Overshoot The Runway

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An Antonov cargo plane has overrun the end of the runway on landing today morning. The AN-124, registered UR-82007, came to final stop beyond the end of the runway surface while landing at dark in Sao Paulo-Guarulhos. The airport was temporarily closed for two hours until the aircraft could be removed.

The Antonov was performing flight ADB-3829, from Paramaribo-Zanderij International (SMJP) in Suriname, to (SBGR) in Brazil. The AN-124 that overran the runway by 200metres was carrying sixty tons of personal protective equipment (PPE) for Brazil. There were no injuries in the crew or the ground but the plane did sustain some minor damage. According to local reports, crews managed to put the enormous jet back onto paved ground. It then powered up its engines and taxied to the apron normally.

UR-82007 is one of seven AN-124 aircraft in use by Antonov Airlines. It is 34.9 years old, it is the 5th An-124 made and has been busy flying cargo throughout the pandemic. Data showed this plane didn’t fly this year to São Paolo Guarulhos and today was its first time.

The AN-124 has had a challenging time in the past few months. An uncontrolled engine failure on one of the type, operated by Volga Dnepr, led to an emergency landing and a runway excursion, causing the landing gear to snap and the giant aircraft to end up nose down in the snow.

This amazing plane UR-82007 it was first operated under Aeroflot, transient on to Antonov Airlines in 1993. There are few remarkable of these aircraft still in service. The bulk of them belong to either Volga-Dnepr in Russia, or Antonov Airlines in the Ukraine.

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