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The Australian Government has decided to issue a ban for all travelers coming from India wishing to enter Australia. Recently, India has experienced an exponential rise in COVID-19 cases shooting to over 200,000 new cases registered this week. Most of the documented cases are attributed to the most infectious variants of the virus.

Australia has therefore issued a temporary emergency determination to passengers having spent some time in India, 14 days prior to their arrival as criminal offence to enter the country. Only citizens and permanent residents are currently allowed to enter Australia, and whoever disobeys this measure will have to face steep fines of more than £37,000 and up to five years in jail.

Australian Health Minster Greg Hunt when addressing media said, “The government does not make these decisions lightly, however, it is critical the integrity of the Australian public health and quarantine systems is protected and the number of Covid-19 cases in quarantine facilities is reduced to a manageable level.”
According to Reuters reports, It is estimated that approximately 9,000 Australian citizens are now stranded in India unable to return to their country. The measure will come into force on 3 May and will remain in place for at least 12 days. It will be re-evaluated on 15 May when it will be decided whether it will be necessary to extend it.

Mshana Iddi
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