UAS/DRONESAvnon Group acquires equity stake in South Africa's ALTI

Avnon Group acquires equity stake in South Africa’s ALTI

Israeli-based worldwide operator Avnon Group has acquired an equity stake in South Africa’s ALTI Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

In a joint statement, the Avnon announced that it have “concluded an agreement to acquire a substantial equity stake in ALTI Unmanned Aircraft Systems, an award-winning hybrid UAS developer and manufacturer specialising in vertical take-off and landing UAVs designed for the security and surveillance sector”.

ALTI designs and builds unmanned aircraft, offering a complete long-endurance hybrid fixed-wing VTOL unmanned aircraft, and has exported to 13 countries internationally for decades.

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“The acquisition by Avnon Group will forge a strong long term partnership ultimately resulting in development of more advanced aircraft systems,” ALTI statement said.

“The acquisition is part of Avnon Group strategy to strengthen its position in the drone market and will allow the group to improve competitiveness of solutions and being able of offer a comprehensive solution combining UAVs with other offerings for homeland security (HLS) missions.

“Operations in South Africa will continue and at the same time we will start producing UAVs in a new co-production centre for group subsidiaries in Israel,” Aviad Matza, chief executive of Avnon Group’s HLS division, said. “There is a growing demand for VTOL UAV’s from military and government forces and ALTI has advanced capabilities in this field.”

“We are excited about our new partners. Avnon brings experience and international reach and ALTI will continue to push the boundaries creating world leading unmanned systems” Duran De Villiers, ALTI shareholder and director, said.

Avnon Group, the new partner provides military level intelligence and surveillance information for use by civilian and military operators via its company iSTAR.

Last year Augyst, ALTI partnered with United States’ Argentech – a systems integrator and UAV training provider, to supply the US government with a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) testing vehicle.

In the partnership, ALTI will have easier access to US clients by bypassing bureaucratic bottlenecks. It also offers the option of allowing clients conduct UAV training in their own country.

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