General AviationDHL Express Add New B777F for European Market

DHL Express Add New B777F for European Market

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DHL Express has announced its new roadmap for the future set-up of its European aviation network. Representing a new milestone of the Strategy 2025, the changes make way for continued growing demand for DHL Express’ international services. In a first step, DHL Express intends to set up a new cargo airline in Austria. DHL is in the process of filing applications with the Austrian authorities.

Subject to approval of those applications, the aim is for the new airline to be established and operational later this year. It will operate intra-European flight services, using a fleet of B757 freighter aircraft which are to be transferred from DHL Air UK.

In turn, DHL Air UK will develop into its new role as an intercontinental airline, expanding its B767 operations and adding new B777Fs into its fleet. With these steps, DHL Express will strengthen its air network platform, ensuring flexible and resilient air cargo capacity to support its customers’ increasing express shipping needs.

By expanding our airline platform, we are not just adapting to changing regulations, but also preparing our European network for further growth, To meet the high demand of our customers for cross-border Express deliveries we take these measures to continue providing them with sufficient express capacity. With the planned structure, we will achieve both, a flexible and even more resilient airline network in Europe and a better global integration by increasing our intercontinental flights.” explains Roy Hughes, EVP Network Operations Europe at DHL Express.

The United Kingdom has always been a crucial gateway to the world. With an increasing demand in international time definite deliveries this is today more valid than ever, the expansion of our intercontinental Express fleet in the UK by adding new B777s, the most modern and efficient freight aircraft, underlines our engagement and our commitment to meet changing customer needs, to continuously deliver excellent services and to also improve our carbon emissions footprint.” explains Tom Mackle, Managing Director at DHL Air UK.

DHL Express recently reported its strongest quarter in its over 50 year company history. Driven by the worldwide E-commerce boom, the company was able to increase the volume of its Time Definite International shipments (TDI) by more than 25 percent compared to the first quarter of 2020.

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