MilitaryEgypt & France conclude a joint training on aerial refueling operations

Egypt & France conclude a joint training on aerial refueling operations

CAIRO —  On Tuesday the Egyptian armed forces said in a statement that the Egyptian and French air forces carried out joint exercises with several multi-role fighters at one of the Egyptian air bases.

Egypt participated in the training with Rafale, Mirage-2000, F-16 fighter jets while France particpated with Airbus A330 MRTT aircraft as reported by Mahmoud Gamal on twitter.

The exercises included training on air refueling and tactical experience in planning, implementation, methods of command and control, with using different models including F-16, Rafale, and Mirage 2000 jet, it said.

“The joint activities were carried out in light of the cooperation pillars between the Egyptian and the French armed forces and to identify the most advanced battling methods for promoting the operational experiences,” it added.

Earlier in May this year, it emerged that Egypt and France sign a secrect agreement for additional 30 Rafale fighter jets in the region of €3.9 billion according to “Disclose” Investigative website.

The deal also includes a €200 million contract destined for buying equipment & munitions package for the jets.

Xinhua says Egypt, is a major military power in the Arab world, annually holds several military exercises with Arab, African and Western countries to boost military cooperation and share military expertise.

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