General AviationIATA cautions Argentina against international flights ban

IATA cautions Argentina against international flights ban

An International Air Transport Association (IATA) official warns that Argentina may face unwanted consequences regarding her recent banning of international flights.

IATA’s Regional Vice President for America Peter Cerda said that Argentina was doing the opposite compared to the rest of the world regarding aviation services and such mercurial management might entail unwanted consequences.

The government of Argentine decided to restrict the number of international airborne travelers from 2000 to 600 per day in hopes of controlling the Delta coronavirus spread.

Due to this, several flights were denied landing rights hence, Airlines evaluating lifting their Argentine routes.

MecroPress reports that, Cerda pressed for the lifting of the measures that brought the daily number of international airborne travelers down from 2000 to 600 through a decree which expires 9th July.

Cerda warned that carriers may choose to leave the Argentine market, because while the world is opening up and learning to live with Covid they have been forced to adjust their flight schedules as per the initiatives of local officials.

Cerda is not certain of what will happen after 9th July according to a radio interview.

“They are trying to control the pandemic, which is logical”, He explained and added that, “but what they are controlling is the passengers”.

He then added that, such leave airlines in the middle of a conflict of which they are not apart.

Cerda further added that, “Putting a cap is not going to help the situation and puts passengers who need to return to the country at a disadvantage. This quota at the logistical level is very difficult. The airline has to prepare to move passengers. That change without any kind of coordination affects us all”.

He warned that faced with such complexities airlines may choose to leave the Argentine market, because Argentina is the only country that has a limitation of passengers per day.

Cerda went on to explain that, “We went from having 9 to 2 flights per day. We cannot work this way. Argentina is implementing a measure that is unique in the world”.

Cerda insisted that, “Leaving a market takes 30 minutes, flying again in a new market takes many years to materialize. The government has to change the rules of the game”.

Cerda hoped to discuss the issue with Cabinet Chief Santiago Cafiero as he is the right person to handle this situation that the air system is experiencing but also the citizens who are outside the country.

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