AirlinesKenya Airways receives seven stars on Covid-19 and safety rating

Kenya Airways receives seven stars on Covid-19 and safety rating

Kenya Airways has gotten seven stars on safety rating and Covid-19 measures.

To be awarded one-star, an airline must have at least four out of six criteria in place.

They are: COVID-19 information on website; social distancing on boarding and on the plane for the boarding and de-planning process.

Others are; Deep clean of aircraft every night; providing face masks; cabin crew wearing face masks; and change in meal service.

This information is derived from the airlines’ website.

On Fatal crash, KQ received three stars out of three.

The three stars are only deleted from the rating if the airline has had any fatalities to passengers or crew in the prior 10 years.

If deaths occurred through acts of terrorism, highjacking or pilot suicide they have not been included.

If an airline suffered a fatal accident through no fault of its own such as a runway incudisrsmion on the active runway (an incident where an unauthorized aircraft, vehicle or person is on a runway) this has also not been included.

On Incident ratings, KQ was awarded two stars. check if the airline has suffered numerous serious pilot related incidents.

If none, two stars are awarded and if yes one or no stars are awarded.

On audit, KQ was awarded one star. In the ratings, they check if the airline and its country of origin passed all the major audits.

They look at the IOSA audit, ICAO country audit, EU and FAA bans.

If the airline or its country of origin passes all these audits then one-star is awarded.

If there are any failures the star is removed. The exception is IOSA, and if any airline has not done the audit but has not had a fatal crash in 20-years, a star is awarded.

Other African Airlines performance.

EgyptAir received three ratings on Covid-19 compliant, audits and one star on Incident rating.

Emirates received seven stars, Ethiopian airlines had one star on incident rating.

Fly540 had five stars. Three stars for fatality free, one on incident rating and one on Covid-19 compliant.

Rwandair, South African Airways and SA Express had six stars. They only failed on Covid-19 compliant.

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