MilitaryKronshtadt unveils Orion-E attack drone

Kronshtadt unveils Orion-E attack drone

Kronshtadt company has unveiled Orion-E medium-altitude long endurance reconnaissance/strike unmanned aerial vehicle.

The aerial vehicle is fitted with satellite data link.

The Orion E’s delivery was conducted in the presence of many potential customers from Africa, Middle East and from South-East Asia.

According to African Military blog, Russia started the market promotion of the Orion-E drone thus entering the UCAV league dominated before by a very limited number of countries.

The Orion-E is intended for performing missions in a wide range of climate zones. The maximum take-off weight is 1.1 t, the maximum payload weight is 250 kg.

The maximum flight duration is 30 hours, and the speed is up to 200 km/h.

The Aviator Africa Kronshtadt unveils Orion-E attack drone

According to the official presentation of the Orion-E UCAV, its major advantages include the capability to conduct reconnaissance round-the-clock in optical, IR and radio bands, high-level automation of data processing and transmission, self-sustainability, versatile flight modes.

From one ground control point up to 4 UAVs can be simultaneously controlled.

The Orion-E is equipped with replaceable payloads based on modular principle. There are three hard points for aerial weapons.

The drone is also able to use the radio-electronic warfare equipment.

At MAKS-2021 the Orion-E was showcased along with the Vikhr air-launched guided missile.

As the missile’s producer Kalashnikov Group has reported during the airshow, it is continuing work on adapting the Vikhr air-launched guided missiles for use on various platforms.

“At the moment the Kalashnikov specialists are considering the possibility of adapting the Vikhr for use on the latest Mi-28NE, Mi-35P helicopters, as well as on the Orion-E unmanned aerial vehicles”, Kalashnikov said as reported by the blog.

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