MilitarySix months after, Nigeria yet to locate downed Alpha jet

Six months after, Nigeria yet to locate downed Alpha jet

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is yet to locate the wreckage of its Dassault Alpha jet A/E that went missing about six months ago.

The Alpha jet trainer and light attack aircraft (NAF 475) was on a routine mission in support of troops of the Theatres of Operation in the Northern part of Nigeria before it was reported to have crashed on 31 March.

The spokesperson for the Nigerian Air Force, Edward Gabkwet said the Alpha jet disappeared while on an interdiction mission in support of ground troops.

“Details of the whereabouts of the aircraft or likely cause of contact loss are still sketchy but will be relayed to the general public as soon as they become clear. Meanwhile, search and rescue efforts are ongoing.”

Early in April, the Nigerian Air Force launched a rescue mission for missing combat aircraft pilots, however, not much is known about the effort.

Gabkwet told the local media that “If there is anything new, actually I (NAF) will tell you. We are still searching for the jet, if there is any new information, you will be the first person to know. No information on its whereabouts now, the search is still ongoing. It’s a continuous process.”

The Alpha jets were designed primarily as a trainer aircraft by the manufacturer, but Nigerian Air Force engineers reconfigured them to carry bombs, rocket, and gunpods to help in the counter-terrorism effort.

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