MilitarySomalia: AFRICOM airstrikes continues to pound Al Shabaab

Somalia: AFRICOM airstrikes continues to pound Al Shabaab

The United States African Command (AFRICOM) continues to pound al-Shabaab’s position in support of the Somalian government.

Few days ago, U.S. Africa Command conducted a collective self-defense strike against al-Shabaab fighters engaged in active combat with Somali partners in the vicinity of Cammaara, Somalia.

Likewise in August 1, AFRICOM conducted an airstrike against al-Shabaab in the vicinity of Qeycad, Somalia.

Although,  U.S. forces are authorized to conduct strikes in support of partner forces under the 2001 Authorization of Use for Military Force, however, the airstrikes are carried out in coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia.

Despite the global drawdown of forces, both aerial offensive indicates continuing U.S. commitments to fighting Al Shabaab which to Washington presents long-term threats to U.S. and regional interests.

According to the Pentagon, “the Federal Government of Somalia and the U.S. remain committed to fighting al-Shabaab to prevent the deaths of innocent men, women and children.”

Earlier this year, a United States Air Force B-52H Stratofortress bomber was flew low near the Somali island of Koyama one mile from the Somali mainland in a show of force to Al Shabaab which intensified its attacks in the region.

As part of it’s counter-terrorism efforts in Somalia, the United States’ African Command (AFRICOM) delivered six Puma M36 Mk 6 armoured vehicles in 9 July.

The Puma M36 Mk 6 armoured vehicles and it’s associated equipment were given to SNA-Danab forces.

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