The Antonov An-225: A True beast of the skies!

The Antonov An-225: A True beast of the skies!

The Antonov An-225 is a real sky beast, with a wingspan of 290 feet and a length of 275 feet (88 by 84 meters). When empty, this massive plane weighs roughly 285 tonnes and is technically the world’s largest freight plane. When it first flew in 1988, the An-225 was roughly half the size of any previous aircraft.

On takeoff, the “Mriya” is propelled by six massive Ivchenko Progress D-18T turbofan engines, each capable of producing about 51,600 lbs (23 tonnes) of thrust.

These engines were chosen because of their high takeoff thrust, low specific fuel consumption, and outstanding reliability. They are very minimal in noise and pollutant emissions and are simple to maintain.

The Antonov An-225 began as a larger version of the Antonov An-124 designed to ferry Buran-class orbiters. The lone An-225 plane was finished in 1988. After successfully completing its Soviet military objectives, it was put on the shelf for an eight-year period. It was then repaired and returned into service with Antonov Airlines, hauling enormous payloads.

The airlifter holds the absolute world record for an airlifted single-item payload of 189,980 kg (418,830 lb), as well as an airlifted total weight of 253,820 kg (559,580 lb). On a commercial mission, it has also carried a payload of 247,000 kg (545,000 lb).

The massive pressurized cargo compartment can accommodate a wide range of cargoes. The compartment’s length and width are 43m and 6.4m, respectively. It stands 4.4m tall. The floor area is 280m2 and the volume is 1,300m3. Internally, the compartment can store 250t of cargo or 200t up to a height of 70m on the top fuselage.

The aircraft is capable of nonstop intracontinental travel while carrying 180t or 200t of payload. It can also carry out intercontinental airlifts of up to 150 tons of goods. It is capable of transporting 16 conventional UAC-10 aeronautical containers weighing 10t each, 50 automobiles, turbines, generators, dump trucks, Belaz, Kamatsu, and Euclid.

The aircraft has a 32-wheel landing gear arrangement. Four wheels are located in the front fuselage segment of the nose landing gear. The rear fuselage is made up of 16 dirigible wheels and 28 tires for the main landing gear. On a 60m wide runway, the aircraft can do a full turn.

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