General AviationTwo aircraft collided mid-air in Gauteng, South Africa

Two aircraft collided mid-air in Gauteng, South Africa

The Aviator Africa Two aircraft collided mid-air in Gauteng

Investigators from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) are piecing together the cause of mid-air collision between two light aircraft with registration marking ZS-PXI and ZS-OMN that claimed the lives of four people in Gauteng.

The crash occurred on Monday evening and nearly 24 hours later, investigators were still puzzling what caused the accident. According to some Media these aircraft belong to the Central flying Academy in South Africa.

The last transmission from ZS-PXI was at around 1920 transmitting on radio frequency 124.8. A mayday call got cut after they said their call sign and no other information were transmitted.

Kabelo Ledwaba, a spokesman for the South African Civil Aviation Authority said the investigation was still in its early stages.

“The investigation team is at the scene and the evidence collection phase has thus begun. This phase will help in defining the size, scope, and projecting investigation time” the spokesman said.

“An aircraft investigation is meant to determine the reason, or probable cause, of a crash and if it is necessary make safety recommendations that will help avoid similar accidents from the same causes”, the spokesman added.

“Investigations can vary in complexity and may at times take a bit of time to complete. However, should a critical safety issue be identified during the course of the investigation, the investigating team will then immediately notify all relevant parties so that appropriate action can be taken,” he concluded.

A preliminary report will be issued by SACAA within 30 days from the date of this accident. The completion of an investigation will be marked by the release of a final accident report, which often contains safety recommendations aimed at improving the levels of aviation safety and the prevention of a similar accident.

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