AirportsWhite Desert To Start flights from Cape Town to Antarctica

White Desert To Start flights from Cape Town to Antarctica

The British tour expedition company White Desert announced that direct flights from Cape Town to chilly Antarctica will commence from December 2021.

The first of its kind, travellers will depart from Cape Town in a private jet and are set to arrive in Wolf’s Fang runway for this new tourist destination. On their official website, White Desert proudly boasts the new addition: ‘We travel in uncompromised comfort across the mighty Southern Ocean in a Gulfstream private jet,’ they state on their website. ‘During the five-hour flight, the African night turns to day as we soar over thousands of icebergs and pass into 24 hours of continuous sunshine. Destination: Wolf’s Fang runway.’

According to White Desert tourists will now have the opportunity to witness the icebergs and get up close to the colony of emperor penguins.

The flight is approximately five to six hours long. From the runway, travellers will go to Wolf’s Fang camp. The camp is comprised of individually heated tents that can house two people at a time, and aims to be both luxurious and eco-friendly. Guests have a wide array of activities at their disposal, such as ice climbing, abseiling, and hikes to the summit of nearby peaks. Guests can also enjoy the wellness pod, the newly installed sauna and may even have a picnic aside a freshwater lake.

Moreover, guests also have the option of flying to the Geographic South Pole – the southernmost point on earth – to visit an Emperor Penguin colony containing over 28 000 birds. It is only a three-hour flight from the camp.

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